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I just gave you 8525 XP = 2,215,136 after your bonuses

XP Winners FAQs

What is a XPWinners

XP Winners is not a Traffic Exchange, It is a site where you can win Click Track Profit XP Points.

 What are XP points

XP is Experience Points which are claimed by members of Click Track Profit and go towards the Team Play Competition with Click Track Profit.
XP points go towards a tally for the team that the member is a part of and that Tally goes towards team position within the Division of the Team Play that that members Team is in

How Do I Win XP Points?

At XP Winners there are a couple of ways that you can win CTP XP points.
The main way is to spin the Prize Wheel and win XP points when you land on a winning slice. You can also win XP Poins by visiting the Featured Banner site on the members home page.

How do I get credits to spin the wheel.

You can win credits on the pize wheel which can be used for either more spins on the wheel or you can use them to place banners and square banners into the coop rotaton for XP Winners. This CoOp Rotaion appears at many other Traffic Exchange Sites.
You can win Credits by viewing the Login Spotlight for the timer duration and extra Credits if you leave a comment
You can Win Credits and XP by clicking on the members Featured Banner on your Home Page. View the site for the timer duration and the Credits and XP will be added to your account
You can Surf for Credits at XP Winners. If you are Surfing for Credits then you must have a site in rotation at all times.

You can also purchase Credits to use as currency to spin the wheel.

How much does it cost to spin the wheel
It costs 5 credits for all membership levels to have 1 spin of the wheel.
However Upgarded members get bigger prizes on the wheel than free members get.

When are XP Points awarded
XP Points are added to your Click Track Profit Account at 3 Minutes before the hour, every hour.
XP Points XP Claim Pages in the Surf are awarded instantly